This page provides you with current information concerning the Lipreading (Speechreading) classes taught by Marcia Fariss, M. A., F-AAA. You may contact her by e-mail, using her professional address: 

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Marcia Fariss

Marcia Fariss, M. A., F-AAA, Clinical Audiologist.

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER (Spring Quarter classes start Monday, April 8th), 14855 Oka Rd, Los Gatos (map)

     BEGINNING: Mondays, 10:30 AM

     INTERMEDIATE: Mondays, 1:00 PM

     ADVANCED: Mondays, 2:45 PM

SARATOGA COMMUNITY CENTER (Spring Quarter classes start Tuesday, April 9th), 19655 Allendale Ave., Saratoga (map)

     BEGINNING: Tuesdays, 1:30 PM   

(Note: Winter Quarter classes have been in progress since January 7th.)

REGISTRATION: These non-credit, no-fee classes are offered through Foothill College's Community Based Program. The spring quarter begins April 8 and ends June 25.  It is recommended that you pre-register by contacting Jackie: 650-949-7103 (e-mail:

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However, you may also register during the first class.

(also known as "lipreading"): Lipreading involves more than simply watching lip movements. Tongue positions, facial expressions, contextual integration, gestures and other body language are extremely valuable in satisfactory communication. Therefore, the most accurate term is Speechreading; unfortunately, it is also a less familiar term.

The purpose of the classes is to improve a person's ability to understand speech in all types of listening environments. Both hearing aid wearers and non-hearing aid wearers can benefit from the classes. Spouses and/or "significant others" are encouraged to participate in the classes as well as the hearing impaired person him/herself. Family and "significant other" participation allows for greater understanding of the problem as well as providing a great practice partner!

WHICH CLASS SHOULD I JOIN? If you have never taken classes and/or you don't feel that you lipread at all, the Beginning Class is for you. If you feel that you are a good lipreader but need to "fine tune" your skills, then the Advanced Class is likely appropriate. If you misjudge your skills, you may always "move up" or "move down" in classes.

For more information, please call Marcia Fariss, M. A., F-AAA, (Audiologist and Instructor) at 669-444-0547. You can also e-mail her at: 

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See you in class!